Nodame Cantabile // Tomorrow Cantabile

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- Don’t ever acknowledge me at school. We’re complete strangers, okay?

Okay, we don’t know each other at all!

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What piece is that?

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T o m o r r o w  C a n t a b i l e | 3rd Teaser

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This is so accurate it hurts! (x)

Just read your tags.

Pretty sure it’s Song Jae Rim :)

[Been a while since I’m here, I guess tumblr doesn’t have the reply button anymore now]


Yoona’s Street is the best. I’m never going to look at a pair of meat-cutting scissors the same way again.

(I don’t even think Mi Sun was joking around. She was all in. A woman scorned, y’know.)

lee dongwook who acted as a hotel manager + seo kangjoon who acted as a company executive = the flower fool brothers

Lyrics from The Classic OST - Me To You, You To Me by Scenery of Riding Bicycle [English translation]

Jo Seung Woo’s movies [1/xx]